How difficult are banking and government exams?

Banking and Government exams are not tough if you have prepared well else, they can be very tough.

In the Banking and Government exams, the three pillars of focus are

  1. Time
  2. Strategy
  3. Preparation

Time: Time in exam should be allocated to most scoring section: English, GK, Math and Reasoning. English is a big-time saver and you can solve questions fast. A critical factor is to have good command over English. Because being good at English makes a big difference. Even being good in in GK and current affairs helps. For e.g. Reasoning and Mathematics takes a little more time to think. Typically, candidates must score in the range of 125-140 marks.

Strategy: Around 70% of questions asked in exam are easy plus moderate. Only 30% are of difficult level. Strategy says that you should spend more time on 70% than on 30% difficult ones, else you will not finish on time, and score well.


The number of seats available in comparison to the number of applications is very less. I mean Sbi has released around 2000 vacancy and forms registered would be at least above 15 lakhs. Same is the case with IBPS. For 2019 SSC CGL 15 lakh candidates applied for 8,582 posts.

Some are strong in math, some in English or some in Reasoning, mostly have problem with GK and current affairs. Proper focus on all sections is required.

  • Developing very good speed
  • Solve questions as much as possible


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